Mauritius- The Ideal Vacation Spot

Mauritius is the ideal vacation spot if you adore starfish, beaches, and water activities. One of the world’s top holiday spots with something to offer almost everyone is without a doubt Mauritius. Mauritius has it all, from delicious food to romantic attractions! My time in Mauritius had me in awe. Here are five that you absolutely must try. Why? Read on to know more.

There are remarkable places which you can choose for your stay in Mauritius. For a smooth experience we chose pickyourtrail and silver wings travels Ltd. Below are the hotels which you can choose to stay with. 

Stay at Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort for a family vacation 

The Outrigger Mauritius Resort & Spa is situated in the southwest of Mauritius Island, next to the Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, an area of practically undisturbed natural beauty with breathtaking views of the azure Indian Ocean only steps from your hotel. The hotel’s luxurious rooms can accommodate three to six guests and are exceptionally spacious. The ideal place to stay if you are doing a family vacation is here.  Outrigger Mauritius Resort & Spa stands apart from its competitors thanks to the abundance of unique amenities it provides, taking your holiday to new levels of luxury and relaxation.Because Outrigger respects diversity, you can count on receiving individualized care that meets all of your needs. In the event that you choose to spend some time alone, kids are kept busy by the professionally supervised activities at The Kids’ Club. Babysitting services and a programme for teenagers that promotes social interaction with kids their own age are also available. For spa enthusiasts, the Navasana Spa is a delight.

There are so many things to do here. Among the free recreational activities offered are glass bottom boats, snorkelling, sailing, mini-sail boats, kayaks, paddle boats, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, tennis, beach volleyball, table tennis, and bocce ball. If that isn’t enough for you, you may also check out other paid leisure activities including scuba diving, 18-hole golf, sailing lessons, kite surfing, deep sea fishing, catamaran excursions, speed boat tours, dolphin tours, and bicycle and quad adventures through the Nature Reserve

Stay at Anantara Iko Mauritius Resort & Villas for a relaxed couples break

For couples, Anantara Iko is the ideal location! Anantara Iko Mauritius is well known for its elegance and cool appeal. It is the newest hotel to join the Anantara Group, which was established in 2019. Anantara Iko Mauritius Resort & Villas has a range of lodging alternatives, so you won’t be short on choices. The resort’s roomy apartments, villas, and accommodations are encircled by tropical shoreline and lush gardens. In order to make your time in paradise appear tranquil and comfortable, each room is opulently outfitted with contemporary conveniences and cosy décor. 

The resort offers more than 70 different activities, many of which are restorative, such as Tai Chi, Water Aerobics, Meditation, Yoga, as well as a spa and other wellness facilities. Wine tasting and nature trails. There are also cooking lessons and a lot more complimentary activities. A magnificent stretch of golden sand beach, leisurely activities like climbs and runs, and water sports like kitesurfing, snorkelling, kayaking, and paddle boarding are all worthwhile. Additionally, you can take a glass boat ride with breathtaking views.

Due to the variety of activities available during your visit, Mauritius is especially alluring to thrill-seekers and fans of extreme sports. There are several activities you can engage in while visiting Mauritius, including regular deep-sea diving, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, and glass-bottom boats.

1. Dolphin spotting 

Dolphin viewing is one such island activity that is very well-liked by visitors of all ages. The summer is the ideal season to see dolphins. Over the years, dolphin pods have mostly been seen off the bay on the western side of the lagoon. Although the chances of seeing dolphins during the day are likewise very ordinary, most of them are seen in the early morning hours. The bottlenose dolphin and the common dolphin can be seen in Mauritius most frequently.  Tourists typically prefer speedboat rides that take them to common locations where dolphins are frequently observed.  Additionally, you have the option to select the most expensive chartered boats, which provide a spectacular experience is entirely worth it.

2. Walk with the lions in Casela Nature Park 

The closest thing to King of the Jungle is this. The lions can roam freely and with pride in their natural habitat on a special, environmentally friendly walk offered by Casela. Walking next to the lions is one activity, and knowing more about their behaviour, environment, and distinctions is another. The guides that walk with you the entire time are knowledgeable and licenced, and they’ll be ready to answer any questions you have about the wildlife based on their actual experience. When strolling with the lion handlers and guides, a walking stick will also be provided. You can satisfy your need for adrenaline with this exhilarating experience by walking with the lions, which is a pleasant but entertaining thing to do in Mauritius. Apart from this, you can see horses, monkeys, deers, llama, sheep, rabbits etc. and various other animals at Casela Nature Park. 

3. Quad bike through the valley of colors 

The colourful rock formations in the region are referred to as “La Vallée Des Couleurs” or “Valley of Colours.” This layer is available in 23 colours of red, yellow, orange, purple, and blue that shimmer and dazzle in the sunlight. Throughout this stretch of land, there are distinct bands and coloured domes that make up the earth. These hues originate from the presence of minerals and metals like iron, copper, and magnesium, which cool and dry out over time, and were created by volcanic activity millions of years ago. In this natural park, you can go on a nature date and learn about Mauritius’ best-kept secrets. 

You can use a quad bike to tour the Yemen Nature Reserve’s fauna and landscape. It’s a lot of fun. The best part of this quad bike experience is that you may tour the safari park while riding and see animals of many sorts, such as zebras, ostriches, wild boars, antelopes, and more. You’ll come across fascinating waterfalls and a variety of plants and animals. Your breath will be taken away by the park’s breathtaking surroundings. 

4. Snorkeling in Ile Aux Cerfs 

Some of the most gorgeous beaches in all of Mauritius may be found on Ile aux Cerfs. It is known as Mauritius’ most beautiful island for this same reason. Snorkelling and ocean scootering are both must-do activities in Mauritius. The snorkelling is excellent in Ile aux Cerfs. It has a white sand border and a turquoise lagoon. Swimming and snorkelling are simple due to the sandy beaches. The area also features stunning underwater waters with corals and creatures of all colours. These seas are home to numerous species, including parrot fish, starfish, sea bream, and blue striped snapper. Make sure you don’t miss viewing groupers because they frequently hide in the seagrass close to the reef. 

Ile Aux Cerfs is 87 hectares in size, situated on Mauritius’ east coast, and surrounded by lush greenery and many top-notch beaches. The Ile aux Cerfs, which is one of Mauritius’ top attractions, is also known as Deer Island or Mauritius. Additionally, it provides a range of thrilling water activities, such as banana boating, as well as different pursuits including an 18-hole golf course and a glass-bottom boardwalk.

5. Scuba diving in different sites 

Although some claim the north and west shores are the greatest, diving is practised all throughout the island. In Mauritius, you may go scuba diving any time of year. More than 430 different kinds of marine life and 200 different types of coral can be found in the waters surrounding Mauritius, some of which are native to the island. More than 20 shipwrecks from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as more recent sinkings are present. 

Grand Baie is one of the most well-liked diving locations on the Mauritius coast. It is the ideal website for new users. Jagged rocks and unusual coral formations can be seen. Along with a diverse ecosystem, it is home to hammerhead sharks, swordfish, octopuses, lobsters, and lilies. 

Mauritius offers plenty of adventure and activities. Beyond its exotic sheen lies a very homely feel, which goes on to make a trip to Mauritius a truly great experience.